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You are in luck! This is a limited time offer. You contact me and see if you are eligible for free mixing and mastering service!

I am collecting testimonials for my mixing and mastering services, so if you are happy with this 100% free offer, contact bellow.

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Your music is professionally mixed and mastered and is ready to be shared with the world!

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Questions and answers

What is the turnaround time for mixing and mastering services?

You contact me with you project and ideas. How many audio tacks do you have? Do you have a deadline? Do you have special wishes for your song? What key is the song in and what is the BPM?

When we agree upon your plan, it will take me from 3-10 days to finish the song, depending on its size. You will be able to provide feedback and we will work it out until you are satisfied with the finished product.

What genres of music do you mix?

I will mix most commercial genres of music - pop, pop rock, rap, hip-hop, R&B, rock, punk, alternative rock and jazz. I will not mix EDM or trash metal and I will not mix action trailer and orchestra music. I will also do audio restoration and polishing (ex. podcast audio) on request. 

What is the cost or pricing structure for your services?

It is free for limited time only.

What are my guarantees?

You are guaranteed to receive professionally finished product. You are also eligible for multiple revisions for no extra charge. I want to make sure you are satisfied with the service and the outcome. If you are still unsatisfied with the final product, there will be no obligations for you to pay for the service that you didn't like.

Do you offer revisions or adjustments?

Yes, I provide a revision process to ensure your satisfaction. I will work closely with you to achieve your desired sound.

How do I submit my tracks for mixing and mastering?

First you need to reach out to me via contact form on this website. Then we will work out the best strategy for you to achieve the result that you want. We can share all the necessary files per email.

Do you provide any additional services, such as vocal tuning or audio restoration?

Some services, such as audio restoration and some vocal tuning are already included in the mixing and mastering service. Because I want your song to sound as good as possible, I will make sure to fix some of the mentioned issues. If you want additional audio restoration services or additional vocal tuning, such as additional vocal harmonies, please contact me.

What steps do you take to ensure the privacy and security of my music files?

I employ robust security measures to protect your files, and I treat your music with the utmost confidentiality and respect. I am not going to share your data and our conversation without your permission. I will not share your contact details.

Can you help with the upload requirements for music streaming platforms?

Yes. I have experience with upload process for different streaming platforms and experience with different music distributors. I will help you to ensure your music meets the specifications of streaming platforms.

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